Engineering Services

VSenergy provides a range of Energy Engineering services, to facilitate in house implementation of all types of energy and operating cost reducing projects, ranging from simple ventilation projects to sophisticated interactive projects such as thermal energy storage, co-generation and fuel switching projects.

Energy Survey Assistance

Typically VSEnergy provides energy survey assistance to customers who have already taken advantage of in house training, and have a reasonable well-developed team of energy professionals. This step is often taken to help fine tune the skill set of in house staff. While your staff is gaining a valuable hands on learning experience, conservation opportunities are identified, and quantified, using high quality instrumentation and measuring tools. Specific financial evaluation tools for energy conservation projects are applied to help the facility operating team apply appropriate metrics and discounting to the costs, cost avoidance, and depreciation associated with multi year projects.

Energy Engineering

Energy Engineering is performed by VSEnergy to aid in the final definition of a menu of Energy Conservation Opportunities within a facility. These services can be provided to supplement in house capabilities, or, to be a fully independent third party to validate engineering from in house or other sources. Energy Engineering services typically include full cost avoidance calculations using bin or degree day methodology, statistical correlation of energy consumption to production, or occupancy, and sensitivity analysis of specific projects to energy cost volatility, and exogenous variables. Schematic drawings can be furnished as a component of the Energy Engineering Service.

Energy Management System / Utility Monitoring Systems / Real Time Metering

VSEnergy personnel are experienced in the hardware and software of EEMS (Enterprise Energy Management Systems) EMS, UMS, and metering technologies. With experience in commercial and industrial control systems, Graphic user interfaces, SCADA software, WEB Access, as well as the communication media and software technology available. VSEnergy offers assistance in product evaluation, applications, and project specification. Control projects may be a simple as control system reprogramming to produce greater comfort, energy conservation or safer building environment, or as complex as multi site web enabled real time metering through system integration.

Data Logging and Analysis

VSEnergy maintains a complete inventory of high grade data loggers to measure the long term performance of standard energy consuming processes such as HVAC equipment, compressed air systems, boiler and steam systems, chiller, and chilled water systems, as well as electrical loads. Data loggers provide a level of accuracy that single point measurement simply cannot provide. The long-term collection of data provides a higher level of accuracy, and therefore a more complete picture of energy projects, whether it be the preliminary data gathering required to assess energy conservation opportunity, or the post implementation verification phase to evaluate the success of implemented projects.

Contract Reviews

VSEnergy is not an implementation contractor. We are a technical resource for facility owner and managers who wish to perform energy conservation projects in house, or with outside contractors. In the case of large outsource contracts, particularly in the area of performance contracting, we will provide contract review assistance, not as legal counsel, but as an unbiased, experienced energy team with a practical perspective of what works and what does not. By reviewing contracts before signing, with a focus on feasibility and realistic expectations, we can help to avoid common pitfalls, and produce a successful project. The objective is to reduce costs, not end up litigating an unsound contract.

Forensic Contract and Project Reviews

VSEnergy reviews projects from an unbiased perspective, to either remediate failed performance contracts or act as a technical resource for the owner in the case of nonperformance or under performing energy or resource conservation projects. In most cases, specifics of engineering deficiencies, and or contract deficiencies can be identified and addressed to the satisfaction of all parties. In the cases of gross under performance, quantification of the magnitude of the under performance can assist in the resolution of the dispute.

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